Không mở được đường link trong Outlook (1)

16:00 20/01/2003
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Xin chao cac ban. Toi dang su dung microsoft outlook de check email. Moi day bi truong hop, khong the nao mo duoc tat ca cac link(attachment) tu email cua nguoi khac goi den. Khi click vao link (website) thi noi len hang chu "This operation have been cancelled due to restriction in effect on your computer. Please contact your system administrator". Toi dang xai Win ME. Xin nho cac ban chi dum. thanh that cam on. Xin chao.

Hung Ho

Hồi âm:

Chao ban. Ban khong mo duoc vi Outlook da cam kg cho ban mo nhung file attachment, no so virus nhiem vao may cua ban thoi. Ban vao Tools -> Options -> Security, bo cai check o cho: Do not allow attachment to be saved or opened.... The la xong. Chuc ban vui!


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